Sun Mining Review – Environment-Friendly Cloud Mining Concept with Shoddy Security

Sun Mining is a website that allows registered members to participate in cloud mining and cryptocurrency transactions in order to produce an income. The Sun Mining Company was created in 2015 by private investors who hailed from Australia. The company is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

The main focus of the site is mining, specifically cloud mining, where members gain “remuneration” in the form of cryptocurrencies by mining on equipment, which in this case is solar powered data centers. Because of the great amount of sunlight and solar energy that could be harnessed from their country, the website states that they purchased flatlands and situated stations for harvesting solar power as well as placing data centers in order to increase their computing capacity through sustainable and environmentally friendly methods. Anyone who wants to join need not have any prior knowledge of the technologies needed or acquire any software, as the site deals with these things themselves. Some of the Sun-mining trading partners include Asus, GeForce, Nvidia, and Gigabyte, to name a few.

In order to begin, you must register on the website- which only requires your email and a personal password- then select your desired capacity, accept the terms of the contract and other policies stated, and start “mining” your desired cryptocurrencies. The credit will immediately get sent to your account.

They use several different systems for the cryptocurrencies available, namely:

  • SHA-256 for Bitcoin mining (BTC)
  • Scrypt for LightCoin Mining (LTC)
  • ETHASH for Etherium mining (ETH)
  • X11 for Dash mining (DASH)

If you want to get into contact with the customer service of the site, they have two contact emails- [email protected] and [email protected] their website is also available in several languages, namely English, French, Italian, and Russian. There is no live chat support service available, and they do not provide their phone number to non-registered members. They have not provided a definite number of the registered members who are using the services, nor is there any indication of which countries can legally use this service and which aren’t. You are able to access the site on a PC or laptop, but they do not mention if mobile devices or tablet devices can access their services. It is also unclear which payment methods they accept once you want to purchase a contract.

Sun-mining Message

As it happens, earlier in 2018, the business reports that hackers managed to access the main bitcoin wallet and database and took the Sun Mining website down and operations stopped. Sun-mining recover funds function was created in order to help those who have lost their investments to recover them within 24 hours from the request. They ask for a small fee or this service but claim that it will be returned to you along with your investments as long as it is purchased on the same digital wallet you used previously.

While the site looks reputable enough, looking through it I’ve found several typographical errors on their FAQ that should not exist in a professional website such as this.

How Does Sun Mining Work?

From the name itself, Sun Mining works by allowing users to earn cryptocurrencies by cloud mining them. The services and products offered are cheaper as the Sun-Mining company works closely with the manufacturers for equipment and have decided to use an economic and ecological data center design with solar power collection to reduce electricity costs. This also means that operations of the machines are 24/7 every day of the year or 100% uptime in other words.

The cryptocurrencies they currently support are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and Litecoin. The minimal investment $5 for Dash, $8 for Litecoin, $14 for Ethereum and $18 for Bitcoin. The payments are received daily and received in your digital wallet. Withdrawal of the earnings is not as clear to me, as there is no indication of how you will be getting them after payout occurs. However, they do state the minimum amount of withdrawal, which are commission 0.001 for Bitcoin and 0.01 for the other currencies. Payment of service contracts must be in full upon agreement. Once a contract is made, you are not allowed to give or sell it to another user.

Sun Mining Features and Services

One of the most prevalent features of Sun-Mining business is the environment-friendly approach of cloud mining, which innovatively draws power from the sun to gather solar power for their data centers. No installation or purchase of equipment is necessary and the experts in the field perform all necessary functions to keep everything running. Because services are maintained in this system, users do not have to deal with higher energy consumption, Internet operations interruptions, or equipment application and maintenance.

The service provided keeps updated by:

  1. Implementing and monitoring the newest breakthroughs in mining technology
  2. Keeping up with the latest information on cryptocurrency trends and markets
  3. Maintaining uninterrupted software operation.

They also make sure that there are no hidden commissions that will have clients questioning where their money goes. They also allow for reinvestments and have a statistics-heavy personal cabinet to keep track of records. You can even participate in an affiliate program where attracting new registrants to their services will allow you a commission sum. Depending on what partner package you decide to get, either Standard or Freedom, you can make an order payment and receive a set percentage of the capacity added to your own account, which will increase the power of your bitcoin mining.

However, you must choose wisely when signing up, as you will not be able to terminate your contracts once you’ve signed up for them, but you are able to register several accounts. Cost

Because there are several different cryptocurrencies available, they come at different prices. Packages for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Litecoin come in increasing profit gains, starting from Ultra Light, then Easy, Relax, and finally Sale. As an example, buying the Ultra Light package for Bitcoin at $18, which pays for a three-year contract of 100GH/s, nets you a profit of $3.4 a month. Whichever package you select will also depend on the capacity you’re willing to purchase and your own preference. You may even select a custom package by selecting from a list of capacities from a drop-down menu. All service charges are included in the prices.

Sun Mining Pricing for Plans

Sun Mining Pricing for Plans

There are also bonuses and discount price announcements that show up on the home page. For example, there is currently a 30% discount for contracts of BTC from 100 000 GH/s until the beginning of 2019.

Sun Mining Reviews feedback can be given on the website itself, and some customer references cycle through the home page, such as from a user called ‘Kingsman’ that reported that despite “pros and cons,” the site has ultimately given him more gain than a liability. Jonathan, another customer, thanked the service for a speedy reply on his inquiry and is glad he signed up. However, just looking at a website won’t give us an idea of the quality of its services, so we must turn to independent reviews.

Sun-Mining Customer Review

Sun-Mining Customer Review

There is a large number of both positive and negative views on other review sites regarding Sun-mining reputation. For some, like a user named whzdatminer from the US, they are “very pleased” with the results from investing in the site and while skeptical at the start and beginning with small investments, they were able to make returns on their initial payments and gain much more as they continued to increase their capacity. Many users are supporting this site as one of the most profitable they have used with the most consistent payouts.

Others, like Alison, who reiterates with several other users that services are a complete scam. While they were paid during the first few months of their contract purchase, it halts after a certain period of time. In order to continue getting your revenue back, you must reinvest or verify your identity by providing personal information, which many users were outraged with, as even after sending documentation and other legal documents, they were still not paid. Users like Russ suspect that “system maintenance” and “technical difficulties” are ploys in order to steal the money invested from users.

In light of these conflicting personal accounts, as well as several review sites being of the opinion that it is a scam site despite its alluring tagline, it may be wise to try another mining or cryptocurrency service, as we can’t be sure that Sun-Mining payouts are reliable.

Sun-Mining User Feedback


Sun-Mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrency services presented an innovative and fresh way to do cloud mining technology, and in their site, they make very pleasing appeals to the use and operations of their site. Many of the prices of the contracts are quite affordable and lucrative. However, many of their promises were not followed through.  Though Sun-mining statements said that users will not lose any of their revenue, their security was compromised and thus all users had their account susceptible to hackers.

It may be to an investors’ better interests to look for a more stable and less-susceptible mining service or cryptocurrency website. Many clients reported being satisfied but many more previous clients have reported being paid for their investments initially but were disappointed when they were no longer receiving payments and their personal information was being retrieved.

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