Laser Online Review – Scam Crypto Site that is Now Offline

Laser Online is another Crypto Site that has gone offline and the website has been disabled. I had to turn to the web archives to get some information about how the crypto site used to operate. The website was set up on 17th June 2017 and the operations went on until 10th December 2017 when the website was rendered inaccessible. The website was located in Delaware, United States and had provided proof of registration to show their customers that they were conducting a legal business.

To invest at Laser Online, you were supposed to create your account and once this is done, you would make a deposit where the minimum investment was set at $5 and there is no maximum investment amount. Customers were allowed to deposit funds using Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoins, AdvCash, Payeer, and Payza. After making your deposit, you would be direct to a page where the terms of use had been listed and you had to agree to abide by them before you could proceed. The amount deposited used to take up to 12 hours before the balance could be updated but when this was done, what remained was waiting for huge returns on your investment which Laser Online claimed was 12% on every business day.

Within the short duration that Laser Online remained in operation, they claimed to have had 169516 registered users at one time. The crypto company claimed that it was accepted in all countries worldwide. Whether you wanted to trade in Bitcoins, Bitstamps, OkCoin or even BitFinex, Laser Online, all you had to do is to complete your registration and you would begin trading.

At Laser Online, you were able to use various languages such as English, Bahasa Indonesia, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, Italiano, Islenska, Kiswahili, Malay, Makedonski, Portugues, and Tieng Viet. This was quite convenient as one would be able to choose the language he is conversant in so that he would transact more easily. The website could be accessed even on mobile devices as it had been configured to allow easy usage on every platform.

I tried checking if Laser Online had any partnership with other cryptocurrency exchange partners but it seems this had not been done for the short time they remained online.

I noted that there was an online chat that one could use to engage the support team. since the website is inaccessible, knowing how reliable this communication method was is impossible for now. Ticketing method could also be used but again where the company claimed that a response would be sent in no time. Again, we can never prove if this was true as everything about Laser Online is no longer working.

The minimum amount that one could withdraw was $2.5 and the maximum withdrawal amount daily was $12,000 if you were making withdrawals using PerfectMoney, Payeer, Litecoins, Etherium, ADVCash or Bitcoins. It was required that every person who needed to withdraw money had to have an active account in the payment section.

How Does Laser Online Work?

After creating your account with Laser Online, the amount deposited will be absorbed so that it can start earning the 12% interest every business day for the next 12 days. It is claimed that the return on investment for any deposit is very high and the results will be notable within a short time.

The minimal investment is $5 and there was no limit to the amount you would be able to deposit at any time. Investors were allowed to trade in Bitcoins, Etherium, OkCoin, BitFinex, or Litecoins. Investors had been promised that their income would be doubled twice every month any time they made their deposit.

When the time came for the withdrawal of the available amount in a customer’s account, they were required to have a payment account. Laser Online claimed that the withdrawals would be processed on a first come first served basis and the process would take between 24 to 48 business hours. Customers were allowed to make three withdrawals at any time. For investors who had a high credit score, they were allowed to set up a payment schedule where the money would be automatically be withdrawn and deposited into their ewallet on specific days. If you had activated this feature, it was impossible to make any other withdrawal until the scheduled time comes. Withdrawals would be made through various means such as PerfectMoney, Etherium, ADVCash, Bitcoins, Payeer or Litecoins.

Laser Online Features and Services

Below are some of the features that characterized the operation of Laser Online:

  • The minimum deposit was $5 and there was no maximum deposit.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount was $2.5 and for some selected methods of payment, the maximum withdrawal daily was $12000.
  • Once the initial deposit was made, it would be absorbed and on every business day for the next 12 business days, a 12% interest would be earned.

If an investor violated the terms of services, his account would be blocked without any further notice to him. There were instances where the funds were withheld after the closure of the account especially for an affiliate who had opened several accounts in an effort to earn more.

By the time the website was closing down, Laser Online had earned $21 million out of the $84 million that had been invested on the site. Since the website operated from Monday to Friday, the earnings each week were very high depending on the investment.

Laser Online Cost

  1. Laser Online claimed to have had the best returns on investment where the working plan required an investor to make a deposit and from Monday to Friday, he would earn 12% interest for the next 12 days. After the 12 days, the sum invested would be absorbed and would not earn any income unless new funds were invested.
  2. There are other affiliate plans as well where investors used to earn bonus points every time the referred another investor. The bonus would be awarded every time the referee deposited funds into his account. Those who are in their initial stages in the affiliate program would earn a 7% downtime bonus for being active users. There were other rewards as well for those who made an effort to create promotional videos in an effort to attract more customers. This, however, had to be discussed with the support team before the initiative was implemented.

Laser Online Reviews

Arifukpi20 regarded Laser Online as a scam. The management suspended his account without any valid reason. He tried to reach out to the support team but all his efforts were in vain. To prove his point, he posted a video showing what transpired when he attempted to recover his account.

Laser Online Complaint

Laser Online Complaint

Wait4bangla wrote his review 11 months ago and claimed that the inability to withdraw from his account proved that Laser Online was a scam. He challenged anyone who did not believe his to attempt to make a withdrawal. After waiting for seven days without success, he sent a message to the support team but he did not get any reply. His advice to any investor who could have been thinking of making any deposit was to remain careful as the possibility of the company running away with his money was very high.

Laser Online Review

Laser Online Review

Denisonx invested $5 and he was happy with the results after making two withdrawals. He reinvested the value and by the time he was writing the review, he was still able to withdraw. He claimed that that was a good website. One of the forum members did not believe the report and asked him to submit proof of payment and he did which proves that there was a time that Laser Online used to pay.

Laser Online Review

Laser Online Review

Laser Online was once a reputable crypto site that used to pay high returns to the investments made on their platform. The website lost its reputation when they declined to process withdrawals and refused to respond to customers’ calls and messages. The website is inaccessible and this means you have to look for another website if you have an interest in making crypto investments.[


Laser Online was online for only one month and within this time; they claimed to have made transactions that were worth millions of dollars. The process of opening an account with them was easy and they did not require investors to submit their official details.

Just like many other crypto sites, the payment process was very good in the initial stages but as more people began to invest, the payment was delayed and in the end, they ran away with the amount that has been deposited. It will be advisable to look for a reputable company before making any plans to invest in cryptocurrency so that you can be assured that your investment will be secure. Choose a site that has positive reviews and one that responds to questions and comments submitted by customers.

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