Gunbot Review – One of the Few Legit Trading Software to Try

Gunbot is an automated trading bot that uses cryptocurrencies. This bot system was developed by Gunthar De Niro and it went live in December 2016. The location of the base of operation of Gunbot was not specified on their website.

If you are planning to use Gunbot in your next crypto trading, you have to do two steps. These are:

  1. Download the Gunbot software on your computer
  2. Configure your coins

For the first step, remember that Gunbot only works on PC that runs on Mac, VPS, or Linux operating system. Follow the bot configuration that comes with the program and uses the API key. Once it is up, you can start setting up your trading options.

For the second step of configuring your coins, it means configuring your bot as you want it or based on your budget. At Gunbot, you can trade your BTC with any pairs such as ARK, LSK, and BAT.

As its name indicates, uses Gunbot as its trading system. Aside from Gunbot, it also employs other tools and programs to make the trading better. As a customer, you can choose which tool to use. According to their website, they have more than 32 trading strategies available. Among these strategies they use are:

  • Bollinger bands
  • EMA’s lines
  • BB’s
  • Trend Watcher
  • Candlesticks
  • TSSL
  • Ping Pong
  • Ichimoku

Gunbot welcomes all users around the world. They have different plans to offer to their customers especially the newbies. Be aware of a certain VAT and customs fees for non-EU customers. For the packages, Gunbot offers:

  • 0.1฿ Gunbot V10 – Standard Edition
  • 0.2฿ Gunbot V10 – Pro Edition
  • 0.3฿ Gunbot V10 – Ultimate Edition
  • 0.04฿ Gunbot Starter Edition
  • 0.015฿ Cyrptosight
  • 0.025฿ Backtesting

For each plan, some specific inclusions can be found such as access to the different trading strategies, number of exchanges available, backtesting, free support, and trading insights.

The Gunbot website is available in 10 languages such as English, Spanish, French, Russian, and Korean among others. To choose your preferred language, click on the upper right-hand side of your Gunbot homepage.

To contact the support team of Gunbot, you can send a message thru telegram at This option is at the bottom of their page. it is like a chat program but on a different platform. We tried using it but it looks like you need to have your own ‘telegram account’ too before you can exchange message with Gunbot.

How Does Gunbot Work?

In order to use Gunbot, you have to download Gunbot software on your computer first. Upon download, choose the plan that you want to use. Before downloading and setting up their software, make sure that your computer has the following requirement:

  • Windows 10 or higher version
  • Mac or Linux
  • At least 4 GB RAM
  • At least 4 Core

This is to ensure that your software will run smoothly once you started trading or making your pairings. Although Gunbot is running on cryptocurrency, remember that this works like a regular stock market trading. You will do some buy and selling of your BTC and hope that in time, what you purchase will have a higher price in the future.

Before purchasing a Gunbot plan, know that it will not make predictions for you and it won’t give you suggestions on which coin to pair with your Bitcoin. It is basically a software that will give you programs and tools that you can use so you can trade in the cryptocurrency world. This means that aside from having crypto coins, the software and basic knowledge about setting up Gunbot, you should also have basic computer skills and the logic of market trading.

Gunbot Features and Services

A quick glance at the homepage of Gunbot will show you the features and services they offer. They provide:

  • Licenses that they claim to last a lifetime
  • They provide 32 trading strategies that you can use
  • Free support
  • They have more than 6000 active traders to make the trading market more challenging

In addition, they trade different trading platforms such as Binance, Poloniex, Cyptopia, Bitfinex, GDAX, CEX, IO, and Kraken.

For someone who is adept in using the trading system, earnings of 1-3% daily are possible with Gunbot according to their claim. This means having a return of investment of up to 30% every month, provided that the cryptocurrency market didn’t crash on any of the said 30 days. Remember that this is for people who knew what they are doing. If you will use Gunbot without any knowledge, chances are you will lose some coins along the way.

The withdrawal option is not visible for people without a Gunbot account yet according to some third-party review websites, you can find it once you are logged in to your account.

Gunbot Cost

Gunbot has at least six plans to offer but their most popular ones are the first three. They offer

  • 0.1 BTC Gunbot V10 – Standard Edition
  • 0.2 BTC Gunbot V10 – Pro Edition
  • 0.3 BTC Gunbot V10 – Ultimate Edition

The Standard Edition comes with one chosen market, a lifetime license, and the capability to run in unlimited pairs. The Pro Edition comes with everything except it can have two markets while the Ultimate Editions comes with three markets (and the same with the other features).

To pay for your plan, you can use Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum among other types of altcoins. Reviews

Finding some users of Gunbot is not hard especially with its offers. We searched for some user testimonials and found these:

Gunbot Reviews

Gunbot Reviews

Gunbot Reviews

In a forum, a user asked if anyone has used Gunbot and bencoinix said he did prior to switching to manual trading. He said he liked the interface of Gunbot and is easy to use. He added that it can help you not to lose your coin in the trading. His warning is simple, Gunbot can help you trade but it won’t do the job for you.

Nekko also shared his experience about Gunbot saying that it does the work for him and works as promised.

We also find a third-party review website for and the overall review of the website is good at 4.0 out of 5.0.

Gunbot Reviews

One customer gave it a 4-star rating saying that the interface was fixed by the V10 he ordered yet he wanted the GUI to look better. He also suggested an addition of STOCH RSI as an indicator when trading.

Another customer also gave Gunbot a rating of 5 despite the annoying installation of the program. He said he gave it a five because of the good support he received from the support team.

Gunbot Reviews

Jonathan also gave Gunbot a rating of 5 calling the trading tool great. He also praised the support team of this website.

Unfortunately, one user is not happy with his Gunbot purchase as Richard seems to be unable to use his Gunbot. Whether he doesn’t know how to install or use it was not explained. In an effort to assist Richard, Gunbot replied to his comment asking for the issue and asked him to contact them thru email at [email protected]

The mix reviews of Gunbot reveals that this trading program works for those who know how to use it and it doesn’t for people who are not into cryptocurrency trading. Even the negative reviews imply that the problem was with the users.


Gunbot is an automatic trading system that uses cryptocurrencies in different trading platforms such as Cyptopia, Bittrex, Poloniex, and Kraken. A software developed by Gunthar, Gunbot can be downloaded and funded by purchasing plans such as 0.1 BTC plan up to .3 BTC plan. Gunbot is a combination of its developer’s name (Gunthar) and the robot trading (bot).

Gunbot has specific features. Among the features offered by this bot machine are a one-time payment for a lifetime license, the ability to work on major trading platforms, the compatibility with different computer systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, the support system, and the different trading methods offered such as Bollinger Band, Gain, and Step Gain. According to Gunbot website, they have 32 trading options to offer.

Based on the information we gathered about Gunbot, this trading system is not a scam. The trading software they have is legit and it works for those who knew how to use it and it doesn’t for newbies who want the big earning offered by cryptocurrency trading. The only downside of using Gunbot—and this is based on the customer reviews we found—is that it won’t do the work for you, it will not give predictions and it will not make your crypto coins multiply on its own – you need to operate it and understand how to operate it is a must.

The thing is Gunbot shouldn’t be used by newbies. If you are planning to use Gunbot, make sure to learn the ins and outs of this trading first or of cryptocurrency business in general. Once you understand how the trade works, then Gunbot can help you maximize it and multiply your coins in time.

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