Bitcoin Doubler Review – A Service Promising to Double Bitcoins But Looks More Like a Scam

Bitcoin Doubler is a service that offers to help its users double their bitcoin automatically. According to the service website,, there is no hard work, skills, or even experience needed. This information made Bitcoin Doubler look too good to be true. However, I decided to do more research on the site to see whether all this is true.

I wanted to know where Bitcoin Doubler has its base of operation. I realized that this information is not available on Bitcoin Doubler website. I decided to check to see whether this information is available. I realized that the domain was first registered back in 2017. This means that Bitcoin Doubler is a relatively new company. When it comes to trusting new bitcoin companies, I usually hesitate. Most of the new bitcoin companies usually have a very high likelihood of being scams. The registrant information available for indicated that the domain address registrant is based in Panama. I assumed that the company could be operating from the same place.

Bitcoin Doubler does not indicate the number of people using its system. However, it does have statistics showing the total number of bitcoin invested in the system and the number of payouts made. When I checked, the statistics showed the following numbers:

  • Total number of bitcoins invested – 94298.1154
  • Total bitcoin payouts made – 188596.2308

Bitcoin Doubler deals with bitcoin only. I could not find any information on that suggested that customers can invest other cryptocurrencies. Information about where Bitcoin Doubler is accepted is not available on its website. I assumed that customers who feel safe enough to invest their bitcoins on Bitcoin Doubler can use the service irrespective of where they are located.

The Bitcoin Doubler default language is English. I could not find a way that customers are supposed to use to change to a different language. I assumed that this is the only language the website supports. This is not very good considering that Bitcoin traders are from all over the world. Some of them may not know how to read the English language. appears to be offering its services online only. This means that any device that has the ability to access the internet can help a bitcoin trader access the services offered by Bitcoin Doubler. There is no information on Bitcoin Doubler main website indicating the cryptocurrency exchanges the service partners with. Also, information about how the bitcoins double themselves is not made available.

Bitcoin Doubler customer support team is not very easy to reach out to. There are no phone numbers or an email address that customers can use. I could not find a live chat option on the website. The only way a customer can reach out to the customer support team is through sending an email via the contact form available on the support page. Bitcoin Doubler claims that they will reply within a period of 12 hours.

How Does Bitcoin Doubler Work?

Bitcoin Doubler operations are not revealed on the company website. The company provides some basic information. If a customer needs to get his or her bitcoin doubled, he or she will have to invest a minimum of 0.02 BTC. The maximum amount of bitcoin the customer can invest is 10 BTC. The process of doubling Bitcoins on Bitcoin Doubler involves only 4 steps. These are outlined below

  1. The first thing the customer is supposed to do is enter the bitcoin address.
  2. Next, the customer will have to deposit the BTC to an address that will be provided on the website’s Investment page.
  3. After investing the bitcoins, the customer’s transaction will appear in the recent transactions table.
  4. The customer will need to wait for 10 hours for the invested bitcoin to double.

The fact that information about how the bitcoins which the customer has invested end up becoming double is not provided makes Bitcoin Doubler look less trustworthy. It could be luring the customer in with a promise of offering him or her the chance to double the invested bitcoins while the goal is to take the customer’s bitcoin. I tried looking for information guiding customers on how to withdrawal their bitcoin after the doubling process is complete but I could not find any information. The company, however, claims that it offers automated withdrawals. This suggested that the customers do not need to withdrawal their bitcoin. Bitcoin Doubler will send the already doubled bitcoin to the customer’s wallet automatically after the doubling process is completed.

Bitcoin Doubler Features and Services

The main service offered by Bitcoin Doubler is doubling the invested bitcoin. This is something that the company claims that it will be able to achieve within a period of 10 hours. This does not seem to be realistic at all. The company does boast of numerous features which makes its service better. I have captured some of these features below:

  • Automated payouts
  • The company claims to have invested in a CDN powered website that has both SSL security and the DDoS protection.
  • The company claims that its data centers are located in multiple locations around the world. This helps the website have a 100% uptime. This means that there is 0 chance of any of the transactions failing.
  • The company boasts of an easy to use interface.
  • Bitcoin Doubler website has a dynamic table that the company claims helps the customer keep track of his or her recent transactions easily. Cost

Bitcoin Doubler does not have any plans. The company only requires its customers to invest the minimum required investment in order to join the company and start enjoying their bitcoins being doubled with zero effort. As mentioned earlier on, the customer is supposed to have a minimum investment of 0.02 BTC. When paying this minimum investment, the customer is not even required to create an account. The customer is only supposed to send the bitcoins to the address that is generated on the investment page. This sounded really sketchy to me. Payments made using the bitcoin are usually irreversible. This means that the customer cannot get back the bitcoin when he or she sends it. This is even if Bitcoin Doubler turns out to be a scammer.

BitcoinDoubler Reviews

I could not find a large number of reviews for Bitcoin Doubler. This is understandable considering that Bitcoin Doubler has been online for less than a year. The reviews I was able to find were all negative. This proved that Bitcoin Doubler is not a company that customers should trust. The benefits offered by the company are all too good to be true. This was the first red flag I observed when I first accessed To make sure you understand why you should be careful if you are to use Bitcoin Doubler, check the reviews below:

Bitcoin Doubler Review

Bitcoin Doubler Review

Susan Morgan was scammed her hard earned 0.9 BTC. She was sweet-talked into accepting to use the services offered by Bitcoin Doubler by the customer support department. The customer support agent kept bothering her with calls and emails until she decided to invest 0.1 BTC. Within the first 12 hours, her bitcoin had already been doubled. Even though the bitcoin was doubled, the Bitcoin Doubler did not allow her to withdrawal the bitcoins. A friend of hers also had the same issue previously. Susan claimed that the friend referred her to a program that helped her get her bitcoin back.

Bitcoin Doubler Testimonials

Bitcoin Doubler Testimonials

Flavio reported that Bitcoin Doubler looked like a cheat to him. However, after checking the bitcoins on, they appeared to be there. He claimed that he was not sure what Bitcoin Doubler was actually doing with the people’s bitcoins. His assumption was that Bitcoin Doubler is a sort of pyramid scheme. Taylor wanted the site where he had written his review to invest in testing Bitcoin Doubler in order to determine whether it is a genuine company or not. Garry reported that there are too many Bitcoin Doublers on the internet. He claimed that the majority of these doublers are scammers. He suggested the use of a different website which appeared to have worked for him. However, he claimed that the site might be still a Ponzi.


The evidence I was able to gather about Bitcoin Doubler suggested that the company is a scammer. One of the reviewers claimed that the bitcoins will appear to have doubled, however, withdrawing them becomes impossible. The fact that customers are not even required to set up accounts on Bitcoin Doubler in order to double the bitcoins makes the company look untrustworthy. Bitcoin Doubler does not give any information regarding how they double the customer’s bitcoin. This makes the company’s operations look sketchy. Bitcoin Doubler does not have even a single positive testimonial. Therefore, I wouldn’t encourage trusting the company.

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