BitBackOffice Review – Cryptocurrency Traders with New Domain but Regrettable Reputation

BitBackOffice is a website that deals with and educates users on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and many of the like. It allows persons online to register as members and start financial ventures. The old site, however, namely, has moved on to a new domain, as they inform when you try to visit the previous site. They are now operating at, and the site has been up and running since 2015 up to the present day. It seems that the company has not disclosed the headquarters of their operations.

Aside from the widely popular Bitcoin, AirBitClub is also including Bitcoin cash and Ethereum into the trading platform as these cryptocurrencies have also been gaining popularity and strength, thus making trades more volatile. They use a system of their own design called “Blockchain Distributed technology and Affiliate Program” which makes use of referral commissions in order to grow your revenue amongst members. They claim that their decentralized system makes use of the following industries together:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Business mentoring
  • Networking
  • Live educational training

Their Vision and Mission statements say that goal is to make sure that more people around the world will be exposed to using cryptocurrencies and learn how to use them effectively, while also maximizing the potential of these currencies to all the site’s users. The languages they offer for their site include Italian, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, and English. Every country is available in their drop-down menu, but there is no guarantee that the website can be used in all nations.

Unfortunately, the site does not have am FAQ page, so any inquiries you have will have to be answered by contacting their support staff by inputting your name, email address, country, and phone number in the boxes at the bottom of the home page and selecting whether you want to register or if you need customer service. The site does not provide any phone numbers or contact details on its pages, nor does it have a live chat service.

In agreeing to use the site, as per the Terms and Conditions, you must be of legal age and will not be able to join if you reside in the US or are a US citizen. In no way does the site guarantee that profit or income will come from engaging in trading. The Privacy Policy outlines that the following information may be collected when signing up as a member:

  1. Name
  2. Address (both Residence and Mailing)
  3. Telephone number
  4. Email address
  5. Birthdate
  6. Valid photo ID
  7. Identification number (Government-issued)

There seems to be some information missing or not easily accessible on their websites, such as whether the service can be checked efficiently on a mobile device, or any step by step explanation of registration.

New BitBackOffice, AirBItClub, Home Page

New BitBackOffice, AirBItClub, Home Page

How Does Work?

The website displays a short list of articles that briefly explain what cryptocurrencies are and other necessary terms associated to it in order to give you some background information if you’re new to the scene, such as info about mining, blockchain, and trading. The minimal investment you can make to even begin interactions with this site is $1000, which is the amount to deposit for a PRO membership. Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, is available for trading, along with Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash, which are both newer and less popular and are gaining traction. While it’s one thing to provide your members with explanations, which is well and good, the AirBitClub trading process is less clear. Unfortunately, there is no information on how these cryptocurrencies are traded or how you can even withdraw the sums that you’ve traded. There is a lack of explanation and knowledge presented on how to actually perform interactions with Bitcoin and the other currencies.

BitBackOffice Features and Services

One point of confusion I encountered is that you can only register through the same way as requesting customer services, which is by emailing them through the Contact Us details. There is no quick registration form that you can fill out, just your information which will be used to communicate with the service staff. As a club, it seems quite exclusive.

Immediately after enrolling in the membership, one half of the deposited amount goes to commissions and the other half is used to purchase cryptocurrencies on your behalf with third-party buyers/sellers. The BitBack club does not offer any refunds for their memberships, as all transactions are irrevocable. You are also told in the Terms and Conditions that your AirBitClub sign up does not act as a bank or trust account, and there is no interest that comes your way for accumulated currencies. All of the currencies stored in your account are only operable under the guidelines of AirBitClub policies and will only become your property once they have been withdrawn. Cost

The price of a PRO membership is $1000, and inclusive to this is a volume of 900, 4 cycles at 75 business days, 3 renewal fees and 300-day rewards. Presumably, as a member, you would have to sign up to the PRO account and immediately deposit the $1000 in order to begin with trades and other transactions on the site. Silver, Gold, and Platinum exist as increasing tiers for membership, and they are likely each more expensive than the last. However, it seems you can only get these memberships after you’ve already signed up for a certain period of time, as newcomers or non-members, like myself, cannot see how much the price for anything higher than a PRO account would be.

BitBackOffice Reviews

The website itself doesn’t have any testimonials posted on user satisfaction, so third-party reviews can be checked to see the reputation based on the experiences of others. When it comes to review websites, they have a negative perception on the site, many of which reporting that the services are a “scam” or “Ponzi scheme” for their readers. However, there is a large disparity across the different client comments that talk about the AirBitClub quality of service.

BitBackOffice Review

BitBackOffice Review

On the one hand, there are a great number of commenters coming in defense of AirBitClub operations, such as Rey Redulla, whose location is undisclosed. He relates his story, saying that he was not coerced into joining through other members but was interested in seeing what would happen. While he was financially troubled before starting, he was able to make a breakthrough and lift himself out of debt. Now considering himself a “proud affiliate,” he assures others that this not a scheme or scam of any sort.

On the other hand, there are commenters such as Joe Phares, who does not state his current location. He related his own experience, where some members attempted to recruit him and backed up the reputation of the AirBitClub benefits by enumerating a number of celebrities or wealthy persons who were gaining from their trades. When he asked them for more detailed information, such as the owner of the system, they could not respond with definite answers. He explains his skepticism in their system in that members are paying out for other members with actual cash, and on the site itself, they do not make an effort to bridge the gap between the member and the company, making them too distant from one another.

It seems that while some people are reaping many rewards, and even claim that they earn without having to do anything at all, some are outraged that their investment was fruitless and they haven’t gained anything from affiliating with the AirBit club. Many of the pro-goers of the site claim that those citing negative comments are from competing sites. There isn’t enough evidence currently to prove that the site really is as it claims to be, so I would not recommend it as per the negative reviews.

BitBackOffice Complaint

BitBackOffice Complaint


BitBackOffice new domain address, AirBit club traders, displays some beginner level articles for a better understanding of cryptocurrencies and trading them. As a member, you would be able to engage with other members in trading and transactions that would presumably increase your own revenue in terms of the different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin cash. It is $1000, however, just to sign up, as this is how much you would need to cash in to get a PRO membership, which is the lowest membership level. However, the registration process is unclear at best, as you have to communicate with their customer service in order to get an account. There is no breakdown of how to sign up and what exactly occurs once you have, nor is there any indication of which third-party players are engaged with the trades or who the owners and company heads of the site are.

Air Bit Club, however, may not be as it seems, as there are several mentions by other users of a system where they make referrals for new members in order to gain more revenue. There are also a large number of commenters stating that they had been deceived and did not gain any benefits from engaging in this site saying that AirBitClub scams are prevalent. I would not recommend this site due to the negative feedback as well as the vagueness of the site.

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