CryptoHopper Review – A Cryptocurrency Trading Bot Service with a Mixed Reputation

CryptoHopper is basically a trading bot that trades for you. In other words, they save those who trade cryptocurrencies the stress of having to make predictions regarding the directions of trades. While they have not revealed when they started offering this service, doing a further research I was able to gather that the domain name was registered in 2017. Therefore, I can say that they are fairly new; just a little over a year.

Like stated earlier in this article, that trades for you. It is quite clear that their aim is to help you make profits. Crypto hopper has created a bot that monitors Cryptocurrency prices daily in order to be able to make an accurate prediction on what changes will occur. This way you would be able to make an accurate decision on whether to buy or wait. So, in one phrase this trading bot predicts the future of prices. Their bot could trade as many coins as you desire for you 24 hours a day while continuously monitoring the market’s movement. This way, you can save time and increase your odds of making great profits.

However, one great question we need to address is how works? Well, it’s pretty straightforward. You sign-up, connect your hopper to your exchange and start trading. These steps could be completed in under 5 minutes. Hopper refers to the trading bot which has multiple strategies that can be customized. It also has an option of backtesting the strategies. Using the Cryptohopper service, you can trade on technical indicators or subscribe to one of their signalers who would send you buy signals. I have gathered that all of their signalers have reports on their daily performance. Hence, you can check how accurate each of them is before deciding to with one. appears to have been built by developers from the Netherlands. It is, therefore safe to say that this cryptocurrency trading bot service is operated from the Netherlands. I tried getting information regarding how many users it has so I could see how many individuals actually trust their service. From my research and going through certain cryptocurrency forums, I have been able to fathom that Crypto hopper is quite popular and widely used by Crypto traders. Thus, I can say that a reasonable number of people trust their service. To be precise, they have claimed to have over 75000 users. And they have claimed that their software is cloud-based.

Furthermore, it is important I reveal to you the cryptocurrencies they support. I have discovered that connecting this service to your exchange, you can trade virtually all cryptocurrency. I have gathered that you could select up to 75 coins. To this extent, I believe there are no worries about limitations regarding the coins crypto hopper serves.

Additionally, pretty much anyone from any country could enjoy this cryptocurrency trading bot service. This is because they have paid no attention to the customer location. In their sign-up page, no such thing as the country of a user. To this end, no matter where you from you can use And I have seen that the only language supported by this platform is the English language. They have not made provisions to cater for other languages.

Since Cryptohopper is a web-based solution, you can use it on any internet enabled device including your PC, Mobile Phone, Tablet etc. From your device you can use this service with the cryptocurrency exchanges it partners with which are only 8 at the moment. They include:

  • Poloniex
  • KuCoin
  • Kraken
  • Bitfinex
  • Coinbase
  • Cryptopia
  • Binance
  • Bittrex

From what I have seen on their website, they have plans to partner with new exchanges soon.

One very important thing I must not fail to address is the support service of What avenues have been made available to clients to resolve issues or satisfy inquisitions? Also, how effective are they? Well, I have been able to see that they have made provision for a live chat. However, their live chat is powered by a support bot. For this reason, there is a limit to the questions you can get a response to. If the bot is unable to understand your question it would be converted into a ticket. Your email would be requested and an email would be sent to you regarding your query or inquisition. I chatted with the bot. Owing to the fact that my question wasn’t understood a ticket was created and my email address was requested for.

Cryptohopper Bot Live Chat Image

Cryptohopper Bot Live Chat Image

They have advised customers who want to test their hopper to deposit $22.8 to $45 .6 worth of Bitcoin and a minimum $342 for optimal performance. As with a larger amount, the bot is able to open several positions. This way, the risk is split and reduced. They expressed the amounts in Euro. Therefore, bear in mind that these amounts are subject to the exchange rate of Euro to the dollar as at the time of composing this article. Additionally, I have discovered that they have disabled the making withdrawal from the hoppers of users. To withdraw money from your exchange, you would have to make use of the website of your exchange.

How Does CryptoHopper Work?

After you must have signed u and linked or connected your crypto hopper to your exchange, from your dashboard; you can either check through the performance reports of signalers and subscribe for signals from the best signaler or you choose your strategies. If you decide to choose your strategies, you can adjust them, instruct your hopper the amount it could invest in each position and the profit you intend making.

It appears that the minimal investment would be dependent on the cryptocurrency exchange you make use of. It appears there is no set limit. However, as we have stated earlier; advises its users to deposit a minimum of $342 for the best results.

They support up to 75 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum etc.

Cryptohopper Features and Services

Cryptohopper has the following features and services you could take advantage of:

  1. External Signals

It is based on the external signals that your Hopper automatically buys cryptocurrencies. You can determine the accuracy of the signals by checking their performance over time.

  1. Intuitive Design

They have emphasized that their bot is easy to use and a user can have it running 24/7 even with the most limited technical skills.

  1. Multiple Strategies

They claim to have multiple strategies which are adjustable by the user to suit the particular coin you wish to trade.

  1. Backtesting

I think this is a very great feature as it allows you to see how your strategy would have earned profits based on the past movements of the particular coin.

  1. Hopper Community

Cryptohopper claims to have over 75000 users who you can interact and share ideas with. Cost

Cryptohopper appears to have very attractive features that could help you make some profit trading cryptocurrencies. But really, what is the catch? At what cost would you have access to this service? Well, every user is given a 1-month free trial after which your Hopper is disabled and you can either choose to subscribe or not.

You can subscribe to the Bunny Adventure Hopper which costs $19 per month, Hare Advanced Hopper which costs $45 per month or the Kangarao Master Hopper which costs $99 per month. Each package has different maximum positions, running time and accepted coins.

Cryptohopper Reviews

I have decided to check for customer reviews of to have an inkling of customer experience. I was able to get a few on their Facebook page.

Cryptohopper Complaint

Becky Gaskell is the reviewer here. She appears not to be satisfied with the services of Cryptohopper. She complains about the slow response of the support team of She tells us that it took up to “5 days” to get a response which was not “acceptable“. She adds that their support agents are “rude and dismissive”. She also adds that she had a loss of over “200 USD”. Based on her experience she says “don’t bother with this”.

Cryptohopper Review

Cryptohopper Review

Jarro fairs, on the other hand, appears to be quite impressed with the services of this trading bot company. He says the service “does work”. He sounds happy and impressed with the features of cryptohopper. He also commends their “good sized community” that is always ready to share information. However, he tells us that their support is ” a little slow”. He also says he enjoyed the trial period without “breakages”. Based on his experience, he had no problem recommending the trading service.

If you are comfortable with a slow response from their support which is apparently likely to occur, I would say you can try them out.

Conclusion is a popular trading bot among Cryptocurrency traders. While some users have been disappointed, some have been pleased. The customer reviews I have gathered show a mixed reputation. One thing, however, is for certain in this reviews; a slow response from their customer care service. Based on this I would advise, you exercise caution or better yet try another Cryptocurrency trading bot company.

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