Coinigy Review – A Safe to Use Cryptocurrency Trading Platform That is Compatible with Computers and Mobile Devices

After investigating Coinigy, I realized that it is a mobile and desktop platform that is dedicated to serious cryptocurrency traders. The platform has been operational for 4 years now. It was established in the United States in 2014. Coinigy helps its users consolidate charts, orders, and data from more than 45 cryptocurrency exchanges into one interface that can be customized. The tool helps crypto enthusiasts have access to everything they need to trade their digital money in one place. The program also features education and support in the form of both blog articles and videos.

The tool features:

  • Nice looking charts based on the trading view
  • Price alerts
  • Crypto news feed
  • Portfolio tracking

All these features help in making the life for crypto-traders much easier. Coinigy does not state the number of users who are currently using their platform. However, the company aims at growing the number of people using their tool to reach 100,000 users. does not actually serve cryptocurrencies. What the tool does is make the trading easier for the cryptocurrency traders. The tool achieves this by providing the individuals with important information about the cryptocurrencies they are interested in. has English on its website as the default language. After checking the website tabs, I could not find an option that could assist me in changing this default language to a different one. I assumed that the people using the program are stuck with the English language only. This is not impressive considering that non-English speakers do engage in cryptocurrency trading. does not mention any specific countries where it is accepted. I assumed that the tool can be used worldwide. The tool is built for cryptocurrency traders. Hence, people who engage in digital currency trading can use the tool from anywhere as long as the trading is legal in the country. does not limit people to using it on a specific device. Customers can use the tool on both mobile devices and their computers. This means that customers get to learn about their trades even when they are on the move. supports a large number of exchanges from all over the world. The exchanges it supports include:

  • Bitcoin Exchange Thailand
  • Bitfinex
  • Bitcoin Indonesia
  • Bitflyer
  • Binance
  • Bithumb
  • Bitsamp
  • BitMEX
  • Bittrex
  • Bleutrade
  • BTC Marktes.C-Cex

Other additional exchanges that are supported by Coinigy include Coinmate, Coinone, Coincheck, Coinsbank, Exmo, Cryptopia, Gatecoin, Gemini, GDAX, HitBTC, Kraken, ItBit, Kucoin,, LakeBTC, Livecoin, OKCoin Futures, Paymium, OKEX, Poloniex, The Rock, QuadrigaCX, Vaultoro, Yobit, and Virwox. The cryptocurrency exchanges we have captured here are the major ones. However, these are not all the exchanges that supports.

The customer support team working for Coinigy is available on a 24/7 basis. A live chat option is available if the customer creates an account and logs in. People who prefer calling can use (414) 301 2289. The email address to use is [email protected] does not pay its users. However, it is possible to enable and disable the withdrawals on Coinigy using the API keys from the trading platforms the customer uses.

How Does Coinigy Work?

Cryptocurrency traders are usually registered with at least a couple of exchanges. makes things easier for its users because it can be integrated with these exchanges. We have already captured the exchanges that a customer can integrate Coinigy with in order to get more insights and help when trading. Some of the trading data that users will get access to includes:

  • Selectable markets – These markets will have their relevant trading pairs included next to them.
  • The TradingView prices chart. The tool will also show the selectable indicators.
  • An order book for the pair XBT/USD will be made available.
  • The customer will have access to a list of the most recent trades in a particular market.
  • Occasional news updates are offered.

Apart from the initial amount of money an individual is supposed to pay when purchasing, there are no initial investments. This is because itself is not a trading platform itself. Features and Services is equipped with a wide range of features. The major goal of all these features is to make sure that they eliminate the problems often involved when trading digital currencies. Some of the features I found on include:

  • An “Apps” drop-down feature helps the customer access some additional applications on Coinigy. These include the block explorers, news and data feed, ArbMatric, and others.
  • A “Markets” tab is available. This allows the customer to check out the charts provided by Coinigy in order to help in monitoring the bitcoin market.
  • The “Alerts” feature helps the Coinigy user view and also set the price or the trading alerts for specific markets and exchanges. The customer is allowed to choose whether he or she wants to receive the alerts via the SMS, the email, or both.
  • The “Accounts” feature helps the customer link his or her trading exchanges to Coinigy. All the customer has to do to link the exchanges is to enter the Exchange API keys.
  • The “balances” feature allows the Coinigy user to check the value of the current holdings present in his or her linked crypto addresses.
  • The “Orders” feature allows the user to place exchange orders or review his historical exchange orders. This is one of the things that makes interesting to use. It makes sure that all crypto trades are in the same place. Cost

Coinigy has three main pricing plans. These outline the amount of money that a user is supposed to pay in order to continue enjoying the services Coinigy offers. The plans are not initial investments since is not a trading platform. I have described the plans below:

  1. Free – Just as the name of the plan suggests, there is nothing a customer is supposed to pay for the plan. It allows the customer to use Coinigy for free for thirty days. Within these 30 days, the customer will be able to determine whether he/she would like to upgrade or not.
  2. Pro Trader – This will require the user to pay $18.66 every month.
  3. API Developer Pro – This plan will allow the customer to enjoy more features when compared to the Pro Trader. Of course, more features will come at a higher price. The customer is supposed to pay $99.99 every month.

Coinigy Reviews

Coinigy has mixed reactions from users. I was able to find the testimonials I will be capturing below on a third-party website. This means that they are genuine. To get a better understanding of how beneficial Coinigy is, check out the reviews below:

Coinigy Reviews

The first reviewer reported that the customer support agents working for are not great at dealing with the clients. He rated the company 2 stars for this. Buck claimed that Coinigy is a decent and wonderful exchange. The program has numerous currencies and the withdrawal costs are great. The third reviewer reported that Coinigy has great cryptocurrencies. However, he encouraged the customers to have paper wallets in order to avoid being scammed.

Coinigy Customer Comments

The first reviewer reported that Coinigy has a lot of pairs and currencies. The customer support team impressed him. The dashboard is friendly. Hugo recommended the use of Coinigy. The second reviewer reported that Coinigy has reasonable fees and helpful customer support team. The control panel is simple to use according to the reviewer. Kathleen reported that the issue she observed while dealing with Coinigy is the tough verification process. The customer support department was impressive. The fees were affordable and the member’s area was easy to navigate and use.

From the above reviews and more that I came across online, I can confirm that most of the Coinigy users are pleased with the services. There are no reports of Coinigy scamming its users. Also, the Coinigy users report that the fees are affordable. The users were impressed with the dashboard which is easy to use and navigate. This suggested that there is no big learning curve involved even for people who are new to Coinigy.


Coinigy is an impressive cryptocurrency trading platform. The company management is genuine. I could not find any reports of the company scamming its users. This means that Coinigy can be considered to be safe. The reviews I found online confirmed that the fees charged by Coinigy are affordable. This suggests that Coinigy users can get profits without having to invest too much. The company does not hide the details about where it is located. Also, the founders and the managers are all displayed on the company’s website. This makes the company trustworthy. Coinigy supports numerous exchanges. This means that almost everyone can get his or her exchange on the platform. Coinigy is worth trying for serious crypto enthusiasts.

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