Awesome Miner Review – A Great Crypto Mining Tool with a Disadvantage of Displaying the Wrong Projected Profits

Awesome Miner is a cryptocurrency tailored platform that helps its users effectively monitor and also manage the mining of digital currencies. This tool has been available since 2014. This is the date I found on where customers are supposed to download the tool. The tool was created by a company located in Sweden. This company is known as IntelliBreeze Software AB. Awesome Miner utilizes a centralized management model and has numerous features which make mining extremely easy. At any particular time, the tool is capable of supporting up to 5000 miners.

Awesome Miner allows users to enjoy mining using different methods. These include the:

  • GPU mining
  • ASIC mining

The tool works as a mining network. It helps the crypto enthusiasts maximize their cryptocurrency mining operations. The tool is available in both the downloadable form and the web-based form. Both forms are capable of helping the miners manipulate their mining operations and also perfect them.

According to the Awesome Miner website, the tool has already managed to get more than 10,000 users. These miners are allowed to enjoy mining a wide range of cryptocurrencies. The main cryptos I found on include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Zcash
  • Monero

The fact that the customers using Awesome Miner are not limited to mining a few digital currencies is very impressive. It makes it possible for the customers to maximize their benefits pretty easily.

Awesome Miner does not have a list of countries where it is accepted. However, I did analyze the popularity to determine where most of the traffic originates from. On SimilarWeb, had a global rank of 65,694 and a US rank of 44,777 as of February 2018. Back in December 2017, the site managed to get 1.34 million visitors. This is pretty impressive. The main countries where the traffic originated included:

  1. United States
  2. Russia
  3. Japan
  4. United Kingdom

Based on the fact that 23% of the visitors were based in the US, it is safe to assume that Awesome Miner is largely utilized in the US. Since does not state that there are countries which cannot use its services, I assumed that people from all around the globe can use it.

There is no information indicating the languages supported by Awesome Miner. Since the software website is in English and has no any language changing feature, I assumed that the customers get to use the tool in the English language.

Awesome Miner can be used on a variety of devices. It is capable of monitoring the status and temperature of the GPU, FPGA, and ASIC devices while providing system information for the CPU, GPU, Memory, and Storage. This is quite impressive. The tool is supposed to be a Windows application. However, it has a built-in web frontend which can be accessed on any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

I could not find a list of cryptocurrency exchanges that Awesome Miner partners with. I assumed that the mining tool does not partner with any crypto exchanges. If the customers need any help from either the technical or customer support team, they are supposed to send the company an email. The email address to use is [email protected] Being a software designed to help the customer mine more effectively, Awesome Miner does not have any payment or withdrawal services. This I confirmed after checking both the tool’s reviews and its website.

How Does Awesome Miner Work?

Awesome Miner is just a mining tool. Hence, it cannot be considered to be a crypto trading tool. As mentioned earlier on, Awesome Miner offers 2 main mining options. These are the ASIC mining and GPU mining. Before a customer can enjoy using these mining options, he or she has to install the tool on his or her Windows computer. To get started, the user will have to visit and download the tool installer. After downloading the installer, the user will have to install the tool by following the onscreen steps which present themselves on the screen during the installation process. After the installation, the customer can begin mining cryptocurrencies. Awesome Miner does not have a minimum investment. The only cost involved is the cost of purchasing the tool which we will be discussing in this article. Awesome Miner supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies. We had already outlined these earlier on. does not allow withdrawing of money because it is not a trading tool. Features and Services

Awesome Miner does have numerous features. Below, I have captured some of the main features I came across on

  1. Notifications – This helps with keeping the crypto users up to date. Awesome Miner sends the users emails and notifications whenever a mining issue arises.
  2. Profitability Switching – Awesome Miner utilizes both coin statistics and real-time multi-pool statistics to switch between multiple pools automatically.
  3. Pool Management – This allows the users to add, switch and even manage their pools more effectively.
  4. Multiple mining engines – The mining tool supports 11 mining engines. These include the Cgminer, bfgminer, Sgminer, Ccminer, and a couple of Claymore miners.
  5. Multiple mining algorithms – Awesome Miner supports numerous mining algorithms. These include the SHA-256, X11, Zcash, Ethereum, Scrypt, etc. The tool has a total of 26 supported algorithms.
  6. The user dashboard – This allows the customer to manipulate and monitor the current variables that are in effect. It allows the users more precise management.

Awesome Miner Cost

Awesome Miner only requires the customer to purchase a one-time license. After purchasing it, it will not expire. The tool has 6 main plans. All these have different benefits. The costlier the plan, the more benefits it will have. I have captured the plans below:

  • Free edition – This does not require the customer to pay anything.
  • Standard edition – This will cost the user $35.
  • Professional edition – This is worth $85.
  • Premium edition – This is worth $170.
  • Enterprise edition – This will cost the customer $340.
  • The ultimate 100 edition – This is worth $700.

Customers are supposed to pay for their license using credit cards, PayPal, Amazon account or Bank transfer. Awesome Miner team utilizes a payment processor called FastSpring. Reviews

Awesome Miner appears to have already been tried by a large number of users. I located numerous reviews online for the crypto mining tool. Most of the Awesome Miner users were impressed with the tool. However, there were some people complaining about the tool profit projections being inaccurate. Most of the reviewers who experienced this issue reported that the tool displayed higher profit projections. I have captured some of the testimonials I found below:

Awesome Miner Customer Comment

Awesome Miner Customer Comment

The above Awesome Miner user reported that the profits reported by the tool were not accurate after 3 days of mining. He read that there were other people who had the same issue. The reviewer reported that he had to change to a different mining tool. The tool he changed to offered better profit projections.

Awesome Miner Testimonial

Awesome Miner Testimonial

The above reviewer reported that he had been using Awesome Miner and he was enjoying the benefits offered by the tool. He was able to make 16 to 18 dollars every 20 hours of mining using the tool. He had tried the various mining engines. All of them had their benefits. Some had better benefits than others.

Awesomeminer Review

The above reviewer reported that after using Awesome Miner for a while, he found it to work well. When he compared the profits projected on Awesome Miner with the ones available in his Zpool, he realized that the projected profits were not equivalent to what he was getting paid. He was not sure why the projected profits were not the same as what he was being paid.

Apart from Awesome Miner projecting the wrong profits, the tool appears to be beneficial. It has numerous reviews online. Most the users report that they enjoy the benefits they derive from the tool. If a user is okay with getting the wrong profit projections, Awesome Miner would be worth trying. It does offer more benefits than its cons.


Awesome Miner is an affordable digital currency mining tool. The fact that it has already managed to get 10,000 users in a period of 4 years suggests that it offers great services. Users who have been using the tool are not impressed by the fact that they get the wrong profit projections. However, the tool does offer numerous benefits. It makes mining much easier and efficient. The tool has a lot of features. It has multiple mining engines and algorithms. The fact that the tool has a web-based front-end makes it more flexible. This web-based front-end allows the users to mine from anywhere using their mobile devices. Awesome Miner does not have any recurring costs. The one-time fee does favor a lot of buyers.

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