Airbit Club Review – A Company Whose Operation Model Resembles That of a Pyramid Scheme

Airbit Club has been online since the year 2015. This is based on the information I found on the company website copyright section. The company nowadays operates using Before moving to this new domain address, the company was operating using the domain I could not determine where the company has its base of operation. Airbit Club does not even have an about page on its website.

After reviewing Airbit Club, I realized that it is a crypto-related venture using affiliate marketing to generate money. People who are interested in working with Airbit Club are supposed to supposed to become affiliates. The company indicates on its website that their mission is to “provide cutting-edge technology and innovative tools to increase the distribution of cryptocurrencies to their affiliates.” This suggests that the major goal of Airbit Club is to help the investors who join the company to get more earnings in bitcoin.

After going through the Airbit Club website, I was only able to discover a single verifiable source of income. This source of income is the deposits made by people who want to become members. The company claims that 50% of the bitcoins generated will be split among all its members while the remaining 50% will be used to help increase the trading power and in also strengthening the relationships the company has with other companies dedicated to the growth of tech utilized in the trading of cryptocurrencies.

There is no much information to be obtained on the Airbit Club homepage. The company does not specify the number of users it has and the software they use. After checking its club tab, I realized that the company claims it focuses on teaching the customers about:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin cash

Airbit Club does not really want to state the cryptocurrencies it serves. It only states that it educates their users about the above cryptocurrencies.

Airbit Club does not indicate the countries in which it operates. However, after doing my research, I was able to determine that the company is operational in more than 150 countries. The company’s Facebook page does indicate the top countries where their affiliates are located. The top 10 countries I found are:

  1. South Korea – 370,671 affiliates
  2. China – 287,168 affiliates
  3. Colombia – 105,276 affiliates
  4. USA – 58,449 affiliates
  5. Russia – 38,055 affiliates
  6. Mexico – 29,646 affiliates
  7. Brazil – 27,000 affiliates
  8. Philippines – 22,700 affiliates
  9. Peru – 8,019 affiliates
  10. Italy – 3,926 affiliates

It is worth noting that the above numbers could be fake. Airbit Club team does know that by claiming they have a large number of users, they will stand a better chance of getting more customers. does support a number of languages. These include:

  • English
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • Russian

Airbit Club uses its website to offer its services. This means that customers can use the AirBit Club services on any device that has access to the internet. Airbit Club does not indicate the cryptocurrency exchanges it partners with. The company does not have a live chat or even a phone number a customer can use. Customers are only allowed to use a contact form to send an email. There is no mentioning of how long customers are supposed to wait before they can get a response. The company states that the program starts paying 5 business days after sign up. I could not determine the payment options utilized by the company.

How Does Airbit Club Work?

Airbit Club is more like an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) than a cryptocurrency trading site. The Airbit Club affiliates are offered unrewarding investment packages which fail to accumulate any break-even return if the affiliate does not bring in new members. According to the information on the Airbit Club blog, the company lowest plan costs $250. Although the investments are stated in dollars, the company only accepts bitcoin payments.

Information is not available on indicating how the users are supposed to withdraw their money. I could not get information on how customers are supposed to use Airbit Club for trading either. I assumed that this is information that only becomes available after a user has registered and deposited the minimum investment. Airbit Club states that the affiliates can expect to get a daily return ranging from 0.2% to 1.2% on their deposited funds. Features and Services

Airbit Club services and features are not made very clear on the company website. The main thing that people who join the company will be looking forward to is the commission they will be getting. Since the 0.2% to 1.2% daily returns are not enough, customers are forced to bring in more members in order for them to derive more value from their efforts. Although the company claims that it utilizes the Matrix-based commission tier, the fact that affiliates have to bring in more people before they can get benefits makes the company an MLM. This can be described as shown by the image below:

Airbit Club MLM Service Structure

Airbit Club MLM Service Structure

The individual at the top of the pyramid is supposed to earn the most money when compared to the ones beneath him or her in the above pyramid.

Airbit Club Cost

Airbit Club offers three main plans. These plans are:

  1. Executive plan
  2. Corporate
  3. Pro

If a customer wants to join Airbit Club using the executive plan, he or she will have to pay $250 for it. The corporate plan will cost the customer $500 while the Pro plan will cost $1000.

Airbit Club Plans

Airbit Club Plans

These are not the only plans available. The affiliates are also allowed to upgrade to other plans. Other plans I found on the homepage are as follows:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Airbit Club does not mention how much money each plan will cost on its homepage. However, I had to assume that these are more costly than the previous three plans whose prices are indicated. The earnings vary depending on the plan a customer has chosen. For example, the following are the earning limits for the executive, corporate and pro plans:

  • Executive – $500 per day and a Max of $2500 every week.
  • Corporate – $1000 per day and a max of $5000 every week.
  • Pro – $10,000 every day and a max of $50,000 every week. Reviews

When I first learned that Airbit Club is a pyramid scheme, I did not expect it to have any glowing reviews. Most pyramid schemes are usually formed by scammers looking for easy ways to make money. While I found some few positive reviews for Airbit Club, most of the testimonials were negative. I have the reviews below:

Airbit Club Reviews

Airbit Club Reviews

The above reviewer reported that is a scam. He had used it and gotten benefits in 2016. However, since 2017, the company had become a scam. The company first increased the minimum amounts a customer could withdraw on a daily basis and introduced different wallets which customers cannot combine while withdrawing his or her money. The reviewer claimed that he withdrew money from Airbit Club and instead of getting the total amount that he was supposed to get, he got way less. The withdrawal took more than a month. The company had adjusted the bitcoin prices to include fake prices so that they could steal from him. After opening a ticket, the company claimed that they use future price in order to keep their customers safe.

Airbit Club Testimonial

Airbit Club Testimonial

The above reviewer claimed that Airbit Club is a scan. He claims that it is impossible to get any profit while trading other people’s money. He calls the company a Ponzi scheme.

Airbit Club Customer Comment

Airbit Club Customer Comment

The above reviewer is one of the few who reported that they got benefits from Airbit Club. He claimed that he did not have any complaints. He was happy with the benefits he got from Airbit Club.

From the above reviews and dozens of others I came across online, I wouldn’t recommend using Airbit Club. The company appears to be more like a Ponzi scheme that uses MLM and pyramid scheme structures to make money from the unsuspecting customers.


Airbit Club is not a Cryptocurrency trading site. It is an MLM company that uses cryptocurrencies to hide this fact. Customers cannot earn any significant amounts of money when using the trading only. They have to recruit people to the company so that they can earn money. Affiliates who have worked with the company have reported that the management takes advantage of every opportunity they can get to steal from the customers. They will even use fake bitcoin prices in order to keep a huge portion of the customer’s money. For customers who need to use a genuine cryptocurrency site, Airbit Club is not the service to use.

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