AdsOK Review – Closed Investment Website with Scam Complaints

AdsOK was an advertising network that was founded back in 2001 but according to its page, it had origins that dated back to 1995, a time when online advertising was not yet a thing. It first started out as an e-classifieds website that advertised various companies that offered products and services from automobiles to real estate, as well as business opportunities, employment, and various other adverts. As years went by, its site evolved into an investment platform that offered generous returns to investors looking to monetize their websites through its strategic online advertising business. attracted many investors due to the generous returns that it provided which it paid through Bitcoins, a secure, untraceable, and high-value cryptocurrency.

What AdsOK did was simple. It made sure that the services and products offered by its clients were visible in over 1 million websites for them to be viewed by the users all over the world. Its site guaranteed a wide-scale product exposure to its customers which made it more attractive to both small and large companies. offered five kinds of monthly investment plans on its website and these were categorized according to the amount of investment that their clients were willing to make. The five plans that it had were:

  1. Starter
  2. Classic
  3. Premium
  4. Platinum, and
  5. Partner

The one with the lowest minimum and maximum investment limit was the Starter plan while the one with the highest investment limit and highest interest rates was the Partner plan. offered itself to its customers as an advertisement website with guaranteed profits and it was indeed true to its word. Its site had a live statistics page where the investors’ deposits were shown as well as the Bitcoin pay-outs of investors who earned from their advertisements. The figures were astonishing as five-digit deposits and withdrawals kept on coming and this showed that people indeed earned and profited from their investments at AdsOK.

The software that used on its operations was not disclosed on its website but it’s possible that it’s just like what other online advertisement platforms have used in getting their ads visible on the web. Bitcoin was the only cryptocurrency that its site used and others such as Etherum and Litecoin weren’t offered on its investment plans, both for deposits and payouts.

Although no mention was made about’s country of origin or its physical location, it would seem that its site was based somewhere in the United States. Investors from countries around the world were welcome on its site since AdsOK was not limited to its clients’ location. As long as interested customers were willing to invest on its advertisement plans, was able to make their investments possible. English was the default language on its page but also had major languages ready such as Cantonese, Nihongo, Thai, Español, and Russian for its international clientele.

New customers on its website started using AdsOk by going to its “Get Started” page where they created their free accounts. After logging in using their accounts, only then were they able to start selecting their preferred monthly plans. Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals were only available for users with accounts as AdsOK required each one of its customers to register. There were no available phone numbers or emails on’s Contact Us page, only forms to be filled out for any concerns or questions that the users might have.’s customer service department replied to queries via email and sent their response to the email that their clients have provided them.

Sadly, no longer exists and its operations have stopped somewhere in the year 2017. Its site started out good but somewhere along the line, something happened and received tons of complaints from its investors for refusing to acknowledge withdrawal requests. simply vanished after this, giving birth to rumors that it was just a wide-scale HYIP (high-yield investment program) scam. None was heard from AdsOK after this, to the disappointment and frustration of its clients who were looking to get their money back.

How Does AdsOK Work?

There were three options that were offered by for its customers to earn money and these are through:

  • Investing
  • Publishing, or
  • Advertising

Of course, each one of these options requires users to register for a monthly investment plan offered on its website. Although these three work differently, they’re basically the same. In investing, users simply have to choose their preferred plan, deposit and wait for their money to grow. As for publishing, it was made for website owners who were looking to monetize their websites through advertisements. They were also given the choice as to what kind of plan they would like to have and after that, their sites were signed up with as one of the sites where its ads would appear. For the advertising choice, the only difference was that the people who usually chose this option were huge companies who were looking to make their products popular through the internet. Companies who advertised their products through also chose a monthly plan that was most suitable for their needs and also got profits for their investments.

Though instructions on how to deposit and withdraw on its site weren’t mentioned by, it’s possible that each individual user account had tools to link up to their third-party crypto-wallets for completing transactions. Features and Services

Other than the advertisements and attractive monthly plans, it appears that had no other services and features offered to its clients. Of course, it gave its clients the assurance of security for their investments through insurance; protecting the principal amount of their shares. It also had a professional management team that handled the business of growing the investments of its customers and a state-of-the-art secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption for securing its clients’ money. Cost

After successfully registering for an account on its website, customers of chose one of the five investment plans that it offered based on their budget and needs. Its Starter plan had a minimum investment amount of $10 USD and a maximum of $500 USD. The return of investment (ROI) for this plan is at 11% monthly, a handsome rate that many found to be interesting. Indicated below were’s other plans with their min/max deposits and their monthly ROIs:

  • Classic – $100/$5 000 USD, 15% monthly ROI
  • Premium – $1 000/$50 000, 17% monthly ROI
  • Platinum – $10 000/$500 000, 19% monthly ROI
  • Partner – $100 000/$5 000 000, 21% monthly ROI

AdsOK Monthly Investment Plans

The figures above were indicated in USD but the payouts and deposits were the equivalents of these amounts in Bitcoin. The bigger the plan that a client invests in, the bigger monthly returns they will get.

AdsOK Reviews

AdsOK User Complaints

The first complaint for was made by a user named Lourdes Lagado back in November of 2017. She mentioned nothing about her monthly plans or her user category at but she complains of her withdrawal of the site which was only left on a “pending” status. She never managed to withdraw her money as the site of eventually closed down to her dismay. Her investment was salted away by the site and she was left with nothing. The site of that used to be accessible was now showing an error and this denied her access of its page.

A user with an online name of “100RABH” also complained of having been scammed by The user obviously had some money on its website but since it has closed down without warning, he can never home to get his money back.

Marlon Ron Escobanez was the name of the third complainant for His complaint was made on a much later date than the previous two but nevertheless, it appears that he was also an investor at AdsOK. The user was asking other users for suggestions on how to take legal actions against its site and also inquires of how to locate its owners and bring them to justice. But it would seem that no one responded to his comment which was sad. It’s truly unfortunate that these people had to be scammed of their money but it looks like there’s nothing that can be done right now to get their money back.

Conclusion is an online advertising website that gave people the opportunity to grow their money through investing in its monthly plans. Investors, publishers, and advertisers simply had to choose from its investment plans, deposit their money, and collect interests each month. Users were able to invest from $50 USD up to $5 000 000 on its website and collect monthly interests from 11% to 21% based on the plan that they chose. only accepted and used Bitcoins for transactions, a secure and untraceable cryptocurrency.

Its site is now closed and is no longer available for business but what’s more unfortunate is that it has left a wake of complaints from its investors that accused its site of being a scam. appeared to have taken the money of clients away and closed its site down without any notice.

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